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Wentworth M. Johnson

On the planet Gangora, Ganga rules without morals or even common decency. He covets all he surveys until an Earthling known as Johnling Peterson comes to visit......


Book by Wentworth M. Johnson

TimeWarpOnce Upon A Time Warp:

Beyond the limits of known space, there lies an empire where the Septains rule. Ganga, a creature that looks despicable to humankind, operates his little sub-empire on his own planet he calls Gangora. Ganga, the Septain, collects intellectual artifacts—a sort of interplanetary hobby. Supported by the mineral riches of his planet, he buys, steals, and cunningly inherits that which interests him most.

Ganga ineffectively tries to steal the secret of temporal travel from a pair of foolish Fargasoids. Having failed, he turns his attention to the perfect android. Without morals or even common decency, Ganga covets all he surveys until an Earthling known as Johnling Peterson visits him.Read More

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Commissioner Ryuubi

Commissioner Ryuubi

by GK Peart


Kanlu Krimson, the second prince of the Immerallian Empire, speaks with his personal acquaintance and Ryuubi's right hand man, Captain Kou Mine to uncover the truth of who killed Commissioner Ryuubi, a brilliant detective on the island of Ilkupir….


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Life After High SchoolLife After High School: Traits that Help & Traits that Hurt

What's your personality trait? Are you a Hemmer, a Blamer, a Pusher, a Pathfinder or a Detailer? Does it really matter? How does your personality trait influence your career choice? What can you do to change? Do you need to change?


This no-nonsense text explains positive and negative traits that can help or hinder teens in their post high school life. The guide gives readers strategies, helping them to identify the path to success and to avoid the route that often leads to failure.

Print Price: $4.99   

ISBN-13: 978-1-937143-14-5

ISBN-13: eBook 978-1-937143-15-2

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